Open for submission

Submissions will be open till 4 January 2019.

Please check that you have these ready before you proceed!

  • Project details and write-up
  • Contact details
  • 3-5 hi-res images
  • Read through the T&Cs

The application and submission process will take about 10-15 minutes.

  • Each project/product will require an individual submission.
  • Submissions are deemed complete only after payment is received.
  • Applicants who go through to the 2nd round of screening are required to present and showcase physical products during the 2nd screening during the Week of 11 March 2019.
  • Selected architectural and interior design projects may have on-site screening.
  • International projects may have their presentation done via video call.
  • Failure to present may result in disqualification.
Participants' registration should be made online here

Project information

Contact information

Primary Contact

Secondary Contact

Project description

Click on the rectangle below to upload 3-5 hi-res images


Terms & Conditions

Submission deadline

Closing date for submissions is till 4 January 2019 at 23:59 hours.
We will contact you shortly once your entry has been submitted.
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