General Info

General Information

Modelled after Japan’s prestigious Good Design Mark (G Mark), the aim of the Singapore award is to encourage and champion holistic design practices. With the theme of Design Makes Life Better, the Singapore Good Design Mark (SG Mark) offers individuals and enterprises the opportunity to:

  • Propose and present solutions to improve industries, lifestyles and societies
  • Showcase their exemplary design ethos
  • Inspire the current and next generation
  • Leverage on the integrity of the Singapore brand name to heighten their value in globally creative economies and enter regional markets

Entries which fulfil the criteria for the Mark may use its logo on their products, stationery, and marketing collateral. Simultaneously, winners will be annually showcased through SG Mark’s website, yearbook and exhibitions.


Design is ubiquitous; everything we see around us has been driven by need, comfort and the pursuit of beauty. Design is also the only universal element which can inextricably link both industry and private life together. In this same vein, SG Mark seeks to acknowledge companies and individuals who have inculcated these values in their products and services in order to enhance industrial development and enrich lives responsibly, rather than assess the product or service’s economic and aesthetic worth alone. The Mark will also educate consumers and end-users of the value of good design and encourage companies and individuals to achieve a higher standard of quality in their production.

Launch of SG Mark

The Singapore Good Design Mark was officially launched on 29 October 2013 by Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS) with the support of DesignSingapore Council at the new National Design Centre. With the aspiration of positioning Singapore as a premiere design hub, the organisations envision the Mark serving as a universal endorsement of products and services that embody good design.

About The Mark

SG Mark

The Singapore Good Design Mark is awarded to innovative and exceptional designs which spur the imagination and enhance our day-to-day lives. Commodities that are already in the market or in the pre-launch stage can be submitted by local and international enterprises, designers and communities. Entries of exceptional calibre may be conferred the Gold or Platinum award, the highest accolade for the Mark. There is no year restriction for projects submitted for SG Mark.


Entries submitted for SG Mark will undergo two rounds of screening over two weeks by a carefully selected panel of industry experts in order to screen products which fulfil the criteria for the respective categories. Projects which cannot be physically submitted (i.e. architectural work) will either undergo a portfolio evaluation or on-site screening they are based in Singapore. Should the project be considered impossible to assess by conventional means unrelated to the judging criteria, the organisers will advise the participant and refund any fees submitted.


The jury panel will identify key elements which Products looking to obtain SG Mark should endeavour to embody the following benefits:

  1. Empathy Solving problems, improving lives and meeting the needs of users
  2. Value Contribution of value through its design
  3. Inspiration Galvanising and engaging society, community and environment
  4. Ethics and Responsibility Contribution that realise and / or transform societies, communities, the environment and lifestyles
  5. Sustainability Minimisation of waste and environment footprint
  6. Progress Pioneering the future and presenting strategic value to businesses and communities.


Division LIFE
Lifestyle/Personal - B2C
Education, Research, Medical, etc
  • Personal Belongings & Healthcare
  • Household goods, electrical appliances & sundries
  • Food and beverage
  • Personal communication devices and equipment
  • Furniture, Interior Decor & Goods
  • Housing & House fixtures
  • Vehicles & Equipment
  • Materials & Parts
  • Office Supplies & Equipment
  • Equipment & Facilities for Manufacture, Development or Production
  • Equipment & Facilities for Distribution or Sales
  • Space, Architecture, Facility for Industry
  • Transportation Equipment & Facilities for Industry
  • Equipment for research, education or medical
  • Facilities & equipment for the public
  • Space, architecture, facilities for the public
  • Transportation equipment & facilities for the public
  • Digital Media for Individuals
  • Digital Media for Home
  • Interactive Design for Personal/ Home equipment & Devices
  • Media, application or digital contents for distribution or sales
  • Interaction design of equipment for manufacture, development, production, distribution or sales
  • Media, application or digital contents for research, education or medical
  • Media, application or digital contents for the public
  • Interaction design of equipment for research, education, medical & for the public

Click here for a more in-depth view on what type of projects are eligible for submission.



From the evaluation process to the exhibition, the schedule for the first SG Mark has been tabled in the brief outline as follows.


Participants can register through our online portal and create their own account to submit singular or multiple project briefs. Payment methods can be done either via cheque or paypal. Closing date for submissions is 20 January 2016 at 23:59 hours.

First Screening

The jury panel made up of esteemed industry leaders from each respective category will run through the evaluation guidelines and information provided by the participants online. From here, they will ascertain if a product has achieved the criteria necessary to move into the second screening.

Second Screening

The second round of judging sets the benchmark for outstanding design standards and quality. The jurors meticulously examine the actual entries at a screening exposition and grade the products accordingly before convening to reach a mutual concession on the award winners. In certain cases, such as to determine recipients deserving of the Gold or Platinum Mark and to examine architectural structures, an additional screening process may be conducted either through presentations or on-site judging.

Winners Announcement

Winners of the first SG Mark will be announced and publicised through our website, social media sites and print mediums. Select winners will also have the opportunity to be interviewed for news features.

Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony

The SG Mark Awards Ceremony ties in with the annual Design Business Chamber’s cum Singapore Design Awards Gala Dinner. Set to commemorate the best of the design industry, the gala dinner is an extravagant black tie affair where designers and business leaders can freely interact in a joyful atmosphere. Their works will also be featured through the following channels:

  • SG Mark website and online database
  • Promotional and marketing material
  • Online and traditional mediums (i.e. social media platforms, newspaper advertorials, etc)
  • Yearbook cataloguing all the recipients of SG Mark

Judges (First Screening)



  • Companies and individuals develop a holistic approach towards design.
  • A consistent output of high quality design, goods and services.
  • Business opportunities


  • Heightened interest in design-related topics and acknowledgement of local talents.
  • Improved regional standing of good design from Singapore and establishment of Singapore as a brand synonymous with good quality design.
  • Business opportunities