The Singapore Good Design Mark is a benchmark of good design and quality.

Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS) launched SG Mark in 2013 in partnership with the Japan Institute of Design Promotion that founded the prestigious Good Mark. SG Mark was established to set the benchmark for design quality that impacts businesses and communities in Singapore and beyond. Design has become a new source of growth and productivity in the economy as businesses realise the value of investing in quality design.

SG Mark’s overarching goal is to influence culture and improve quality of life of different communities (individuals, corporates and countries) through good design.


SG Mark acknowledges and affirms companies and individuals who have generated significant value by focusing on human needs and experience and providing solutions in their products and services in order to enhance industrial development and enrich lives responsibly.

The Mark will also educate consumers and end-users of the value of good design and encourage a higher standard of quality in production.




Entries submitted for SG Mark will undergo two rounds of screening over two weeks by a carefully selected panel of industry experts in order to screen products which fulfil the criteria for the respective categories. Projects which cannot be physically submitted (i.e. architectural work) will either undergo a portfolio evaluation or on-site screening they are based in Singapore.

From the evaluation process to the exhibition, the schedule for SG Mark has been tabled in the brief outline as follows.

SG Mark timeline
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