WHAT projects/products are eligible for submission?

Commodities that are already in the market or in the pre-launch stage can be submitted. It should either be already in the market or available by the time the results are released. All submissions must be available for promotional activity.

WHERE – are there restrictions to place of origin?

As SG Mark is an international award, there are no country restrictions for the entry's production, sales or usage. Companies awarded with the Japan Good Design Mark (G Mark), can be exempted from 1st screening when they submit for SG Mark. (Please submit the document of G Mark awarded for our verification)

WHEN – are there restrictions to when they were produced?

There are no project-year restrictions for projects submitted for SG Mark.

WHO should apply?

Applicants can be either the client (i.e. distributor, manufacturer, provider, sponsor, commissioner) or the service provider (i.e. designer). If a designer is submitting the entry, they must either submit it as a joint entry with their client or present a letter of consent from the client to the organiser together with the entry.

HOW are they awarded the Mark?

To obtain SG Mark, the products/projects should endeavour to embody the following:

Empathy Value Inspiration
Solving problems, improving lives and meeting the needs of users Contribution of value through its design and user experience Galvanising and engaging society, community and environment

Ethics & Responsibility Sustainability Progress
Contribution that realise and/or transform societies, communities, the environment and lifestyles Production efficiency and use of environmentally-friendly materials Pioneering the future and presenting strategic value to businesses and communities


LIFE Lifestyle/Personal – Business to Consumer INDUSTRY Business to Business SOCIAL Education, Medical, Research
  • Product
  • Food & Beverage
  • Apparel
  • Furniture
  • Transportation
  • Residential Housing
  • Graphic, UX, UI
  • Gaming/Software
  • Media (i.e. news blog)
  • Materials
  • Equipment/Machines
  • Industrial Spaces
  • Office Furniture

  • Corporate Identity, Branding
  • Annual Reports
  • Equipment
  • Spaces
  • Facilities

  • Graphic, UI
  • Public Media


Smart Nation

In line with our national goal of being a Smart Nation, we are introducing a special category for the Singapore Good Design Mark in 2018. Based on PM Lee’s National Day Rally 2017, the Smart Nation initiatives were launched “to improve our everyday lives and make Singapore an amazing place to live, work and play in.”

We want to take the opportunity to promote the use of design innovation in products and services to support "better living, stronger communities and create more opportunities for all"(source: in Singapore and beyond.

For SG Mark 2018 - Smart Nation, we will be accepting submissions that implement good design in technology.

In addition to the original 6 criteria for jury evaluation, the Smart Nation special category will include:

Making use of digital innovation to create a human-centred environment/ecosystem to enhance local communities, business and society.


APPLICATION (per product) WINNERS' PACKAGE (per product)
SGD $200

*Compulsory payment before the 1st Screening

SGD$5,000 each for 3 entries
SGD$4,500 each for 4 entries
SGD$4,000 each for 5 entries
SGD$3,000 each for 6 entries or more

*Compulsory payment before the 2nd Screening

By submitting a project/product for the SG Mark award consideration, you are agreeing to the fee payment terms.

Payment options

Bank Transfer Cheque Paypal
Name of Bank Account: ​Design Business Chamber Pte. Ltd.
Bank Account No: 712-330794-001
Address: OCBC Bank 65 Chulia Street OCBC Centre Singapore 049513
Bank Name: OCBC
Bank Code: 7339
Bank Branch: 712
Swift code: OCBCSGSG
Made payable to Design Business Chamber Pte Ltd 4% PayPal charges waived by DBCS

Bank charges will be borne by the applicant.

Winners Package

  • DBCS Gala Dinner (2 pax)
  • Trophies & Certificates (2 each)
  • Exclusive jury screening by internationally renowned design practitioners
  • Personalized document with Jury comments
  • Direct entry into Japan's G Mark 2nd screening round
  • Listing on SG Mark website
  • SG Mark Winners Yearbook
  • Exhibition at Singapore Design Week and DBCS Gala Dinner
  • Editorial Coverage on local media channels
  • Feature in DBCS Social Media posts
  • Usage of SG Mark on winning product marketing collaterals, for 1 year from point of winning


SG Mark winners will be notified end January 2018. SG Mark winners must make full payment of the winners' package fees and attend the 2nd screening of the physical products.


SG Mark winners' exhibition will take place during the Singapore Design Week in March 2018 and at the DBCS Gala Dinner in May 2018. Exhibition details will be sent along with the winners' notification.


Winners of the SG Mark will be announced and publicised through our website, social media sites and print. Select winners may also be interviewed for news features.


Set to commemorate the best of the design industry, the gala dinner is an extravagant black-tie affair where designers and business leaders connect and celebrate the industry. Platinum, Gold and/or Special Mention winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner.

Terms & Conditions

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