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Organiser's Message

In the blink of an eye, we’re in the third quarter of 2018 and the new year awaits us!

SG Mark 2018 was a success for DBCS on different fronts:

  1. We created a special category of Smart Nation to be in sync with the nation’s goal and our Platinum Winner – Changi Airport Terminal 4 – emerged from the category.
  2. Record number of SG Mark 2018 winners received Japan’s prestigious Good Design Award (G-Mark) in the same year.

Moving forward, SG Mark 2019 is now open for submissions! The special category of Smart Design aims to promote the process of creating new approaches and solutions to address existing challenges. It is a call to push the boundaries to improve or re-invent the way individuals, businesses and government agencies operate, engage and interact. This may be achieved through but not limited to the use of new technologies. In other words, a Smart Design transforms life, experience and/or processes for the betterment of a larger community.

I look forward to receiving many inspiring and innovative entries!

Andrew Pang
Design Business Chamber Singapore

Message from Executive Director, DesignSingapore Council

From the early days of nation-building, Singapore has leaned on good design to help us do more with less, in the face of our challenges. We didn’t always call what we did as "design" but with hindsight, we know we had approached our problems with a design lens. This thirst for good design will persist as long as we want to do better for ourselves, and for others.

This is why the DesignSingapore Council stands behind the Singapore Good Design (SG Mark), which is championed by the Design Business Chamber Singapore. The SG Mark endorses products and services that demonstrate good design, and reflects the exemplary design practices of both companies and individuals.

The SG Mark stands for good design and good business; a reason why it is sought after by enterprises and trusted by discerning customers, who now appreciate the value of design. We’ve seen how the SG Mark has helped companies differentiate their products and strengthen their brand identity. Since its launch in October 2013, many winners, such as the Airmotion Labs and Oasia Hotel Downtown, have gone on to receive further international awards and recognition. We hope this motivates more businesses to invest in quality design, creating a stronger Singapore Design brand.

Together, let’s show the world that Singapore Design matters.

Mark Wee
Executive Director
DesignSingapore Council

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About the Chamber

Established since 1985, Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS) is the nation’s premier multidisciplinary design chamber.

As a dynamic community of business leaders, practitioners, and academia from diverse backgrounds, the Chamber believes that a pluralistic design approach is the key to gaining a competitive edge in today’s global market.

A champion of applying design in business, DBCS seeks to raise the standard of professional practices and create business opportunities through cross-collaborations in local and international contexts.

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